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Here at St Helens  PT Studio we have had so many success stories where people have transformed their bodies (and their lives)! As an experienced PT I believe that there is not a quick fix for anyone to achieve their target – whatever it may be. There are many fads and crazes that come and go in this industry, but training correctly and eating appropriately for your goals will be here forever.

I have built a reputation on being referred new clients from their existing clients – this is because my experienced of providing the tools, motivation and programme's for my existing and previous clients to get results. Below are some of the ‘extreme’ examples of how we have helped people change their lives, but we can list so many more ‘normal’ examples of how we have helped people achieve their aims, such as:


  • Conditioning athletes to turn professional in various sports

  • Mum’s new to fitness, and returning to fitness, after having children

  • Toning up for weddings and holidays

  • Improving peoples health through exercise and nutritional support e.g. reducing blood pressure, cholesterol levels (especially lowering LDL levels), heart rates, etc

  • All the way through to the average person who wants to lose a bit of weight/body fat and be able to enjoy themselves at the weekend without feeling too guilty!

I can help you achieve your goal, no matter what it may be!

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